The Devil and Mary Jane – Part 2: The Bayer of Bad News…

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The largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

In 1899 they trademarked acetylsalicylic acid as aspirin.

A year earlier, they trademarked HEROIN and then marketed it as a cough medicine FOR CHILDREN! Because you can’t cough if you’re DEAD!

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In World War I, they decided to dabble in the production of chemical weapons, which included chlorine gas. Soon after, they merged with other chemical companies BASF and Hoechst to become IG Farben.

It was the largest single company in Germany and it became the single largest donor to Hitler’s election campaign.

They produced all the explosives for the German Military (cough cough Nazis cough cough). They also used slave labor in their factories and mines.

What else did they eventually do? Well, they manufactured and supplied Zyklon B. Zyklon-B is a cyanide-based pesticide that was used to kill MILLIONS of people during the Holocaust. Also, this SPECIFIC type of Zyklon-B was made WITHOUT its usual warning odorant. So the people were already being poisoned before they realized it. And it was always too late.

There are many more atrocities linked to Bayer/IG Farben. Please read a thorough history (which discusses the things I mentioned and also goes into great and grave detail about so many other Hellish things) of them here:

Now Big Pharma is already extremely problematic (not to be confused with white, Canadian Mennonite rapper “Big Farm Eh”). But Big Pharma that has a company built upon the lives and souls of millions of innocent people as its most successful member is so problematic that there isn’t even a word invented yet to describe how problematic it is. And the Germans have words for everything. THAT’s how much of an issue this is.

In the early 2000s, Bayer CropScience was formed.

“CropScience” is my LEAST favorite genre of sci-fi. THE HAPPENING fucking sucked, dude.

 And now, Bayer is the world’s leading pesticide manufacturer. They are also in the top 10 of worldwide seed producers.

Bayer has a herbicide named “Liberty”, and like Monsanto to Roundup, Bayer’s genetically modified seeds are resistant to their own herbicide.

But what’s to stop them from dumping that herbicide on any fields that DON’T use their seeds? Everything but Bayer-approved plants and seeds are killed off. It’s literally a “master race” thing, but with plants instead of people this time. They’re still trying to kill off anything that doesn’t fit their vision of perfection.

And now Bayer and Monsanto are the same company… and both companies really seem to hate bees.

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Bayer’s neonicotinoid pesticides are synthetic derivatives of nicotine that attack insects’ (bees and others) nervous system. And bees can’t even hold a cigarette, so apparently, this is a more efficient way to poison them with nicotine (

For the record, the majority of America’s corn crops (90 million acres or so) are grown with seeds that are treated with this chemical.

But, their “Bayer 2-1 Systemic Rose and Flower Care” is a neonicotinoid pesticide and a synthetic fertilizer. So they’re also trying to take over as many private gardens (and hydroponic systems) as possible.

Synthetic fertilizers are already known to be bad. Miracle-Gro is one of the worst offenders, but it’s not the only one. They’re made with chemicals that are harmful to humans and the planet. And now they’ve paired it up with a poison that will kill off as many bees as possible. If the bees die, we die.

Bayer is also trying to develop a fertilizer that will cause plants to produce their own nitrogen (

They’re messing with nature and creating new chemicals so as to force plants to do things they’re literally not designed to do.

Instead, why not use a product that complements the plant and helps it do what it does naturally. Instead of going into giant chain stores that only carry the death juices made by these giant corporations, search out a place like Oasis Garden ( that will help you find safe, healthy products that will benefit your plants, enhance their natural goodness, and won’t purposely try to kill bees, us, or the planet.

Fuck you, Bayer. Aspirin gives me a stomachache.

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